Ethical Responsibility.

Growing demands for fairly produced, ethical and sustainable textile products call for innovation along the entire production and supply chain. Integration of new ecological and social parameters lead to additional challenges, beginning with the harvesting and sourcing of the cotton fibre. Working closely with innovators and leaders in the field, such as GOTS/OCS for organic cotton and GRS/RCS for synthetic fibres, allows us to offer yarns meeting the most ecological and social benchmarks within the industry, starting right at the crop.

What is important to us

Ethical responsibility and sustainability are central challenges in the textile industry. The call for “ethical fashion” is getting louder and more recognised across the globe. Identifying the right sources and products is not always a straightforward process, as the market currently offers a wide variety of sustainable and ethical harvests.

We are supporting our customers in choosing the right product for their company. Our profound knowledge and understanding of the market and our proven network allow CWC Textil AG to help our customers buy yarns that meet their ethical standards.

We are a vital link within the textile supply chain and are aware that we have a strong obligation to act. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible trade justice for everyone involved and adhere to three different dimensions of corporate responsibility.

Social dimension (ethical responsibility)
— We are considerate about a fair and just exchange with all stakeholders involved

We are placing a strong focus on the support and protection of all suppliers and partners of our CWC value chain—knowing that it will be mutually beneficial for everyone involved. Building robust, lasting relationships and trust along our supply chain consequently allows us to operate more efficiently for the benefit of our customers. Not only can the day-to-day business transactions be handled more efficiently but also solutions to possible complaints are resolved much faster and as a team across all stakeholders.

Ecological dimension (aesthetic responsibility)
— We are considerate about acting sensibly towards nature.

Sustainability and conservation of nature are an integral part of our business model. Being one of the first importers of certified yarns, we continually strive to uphold the highest standards in the production of ecological/organic cotton yarns. We are continuously educating ourselves and keep examining how we can improve on our small contribution towards a more sustainable product. Being GOTS/OCS certified, we also do our utmost to reduce waste as well as our ecological footprint in our office in Zurich.

Economic dimension (technical responsibility)
— We are considerate about achieving a balanced income statement for self-preservation and adhering to the responsibility towards our shareholders.

CWC Textil AG is a family business with strong traditions and has been working hand in hand with everyone involved to find the best possible solutions in any given situation. Our daily goal is to create value and add to the dimensions mentioned above.

Certifications & Memberships

We are continuously striving for excellence by keeping up products standards and certifying our product. Below some of our certifications & memberships.

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